Making Quality HiFi affordable for all.

Hi End HiFi is no longer only the realm of the wealthy. At Sine Audio Systems we believe that with a little effort anyone can enjoy
the experience that comes from listening to music through exceptional speaker systems.

From a Stereo Pair of speakers to a full wireless multi room home system we have it covered. Both ready built and DIY options
are available.

UK Distributor of Tang Band Speaker Drivers - Modules & Amplifiers.
Supplier of Hi End Loudspeakers and Loudspeaker Kits for DIY.

Tang Band Speaker, well-known as TB Speaker, was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1996
Over the past 20-plus years, Tang Band have continued to expanded their product portfolio of speaker parts & drivers, to include the innovative "Sound Modules" range of products. We are proud to announce our new UK distributor, Sine Audio Systems.

T B Speaker

Manufacturers of mid / hi end audio drivers.

What we do.

It is our quest to provide the highest quality audio systems and products for the lowest possible price.
DIY is one way of achieving hi end sound for your home without spending many thousands of pounds.
We chose to supply the superb Tang Band speaker drivers for their unbeatable value and quality, we also stock Peerless by Tymphany speaker drivers which are also excellent value & quality for the money.

Please note: We offer free delivery to customers in Mainland UK, Customers from outside mainland UK and Europe must request a delivery quote before purchase.


We are proud to be the first distributor for Tang Band in the UK

Our initial stock is fairly limited at this time but does have a good cross section of Mid and High end speaker drivers.

We will be increasing our range and welcome comments / suggestions of what you would like to see in our shop in the future.

Why buy Tang Band?

Tang Band have an excellent reputation around the world yet still have not penetrated into the UK HiFi market. This is something we are going to change. Just look at the feedback from some recent purchases on eBay, these buyers are enjoying amazing sound at an excellent price.

For too long people have been paying ultra-high prices for Hi Fi speakers, speaker drivers and other accessories including for the hobbyist.

If you want Hi Fi that rivals and beats many Hi End systems costing thousands of pounds then we have the answer. 

In addition we will soon be offering our Hi End amplifier kits and modules for sale at unbeatable prices.

We intend to supply complete speaker systems, speaker drivers, crossovers and amplifiers to provide high end sound for low end prices.

Peerless by Tymphany are an established manufacturer of excellent quality loudspeaker drivers. These along with our range of Tang Band speakers give the DIY speaker maker a great choice.

Peerless by Tymphany provide an excellent range of speakers drivers from Tweeters to Sub woofer drivers, and Sine Audio are proud to offer them from our online store.

Although Peerless drivers come at a very reasonable cost, they are capable of performing way above there weight in the right cabinet.

We will soon be adding built and kit speakers featuring drivers from  Peerless by Tymphany.


NEW RANGE. these are the first in our new linup of speakers both Kit and Fully Completed.
Based on the Transmission Line principal these 4" driver speakers deliver exceptional performance.

Capable of performing well at low volume yet still giving a very satisfactory experience, yet, crank up the volume and the transmission line comes to the fore with superb deep controlled base and very smooth midrange.

Transmission Line speakers are not easy to design and get right and much development has been required to make these the master piece that thay are.

In line with our mission to provide high end HiFi at low cost we have provided a complete kit for DIY'ers  including bare MDF or veneered cabinets ready for you top apply your chosen finnish.  To follow shortly will be an active version of these speakers featuring True Wireless Sterio technology. No audio cables are necessary to enjoy brilliant sterio sound.

For more information on our kits and those still to come please contact us

Multi Room Audio

We will be updating our website shortly to include our new range of Multi Room HiFi.

This will include Wireless and Bluetooth receivers and speakers. 

We will also have a range of Pre & Power amplifiers that support Multi Room.


Our new Bluetooth ower amp's are now available. Incorporating True Wireless Sterio technology allows for creating an Active Sterio Speaker system that requires no audio cables. 

Amplifiers will be on our website soon.

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